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The aim of this website is to offer certain enlightened information to empower, inspire and motivate aspiration.



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Welcome and enjoy Mind Process Techniques, Principles and Formulas.


I take the opportunity introducing the Book Mind Process, Formulas, and Technique for empowering self-development, and for inspiring positive thinking and imagining great ideas to create and produce something wonderful.


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Life is for living healthy and well, and for working with the thought of achieving success for having the very best life has to offer.


KB’s NewsLettersMagazine and Blogs Universal Principles and Techniques for inspiration and enlightenment to be publish quarterly and regularly updated. Its aim is to inspire and show how to bring out the best in anyone to do the right things. It is to show that anyone is capable of achieving the best in life.


The essential reason for life is to live and do things, and all through the course of life, living, and doing to achieve dreams and desires, you will have to do many things, and will have to overcome many difficulties, and go through many ups and downs. Even when desire and dreams are, achieve, if you are ambitious, progressive and creative you will keep doing things.


Subconsciously you’ll feel and believe there are other goals to achieve. The reason for that is, life doesn’t stand still, and progress, which is a part of life, leads us to keep learning, and working to achieve dreams and goals. Positive thinking leads to working toward achieving success. Positive mental attitude with ambition also leads to progress.


Creativeness is another part of progressing. It takes an open mind to become creative and to be able to keep creating and learning to create something better each day to benefit you and others. Obviously, to become creative, you will have to reach deep into the brain, and out into the spiritual world to get certain knowledge. You will have to become enlightened for finding ideas to create something better for progressing further.


Situations and condition in life are constantly changing and challenging, and before we can progress and improve our lives to achieve what is our destiny, we have to face all kinds of obstacles and overcome every condition. All of that will take courage and determination. It's up to each individual to get the kind of knowledge, experience and assistance one needs to overcome and create for progressing into the future positively.


There will be days, when it will appear as though nothing is going good or happening, as you would like it to be. These days you will struggle and might feel that you have done all you can do. You might feel like giving up, at that point don’t cherish the thought of giving in and giving up. Take a break away from what you are doing, and take stock of what you have done. Look at everything you are doing. Look at your life from different perspectives and find out why things aren’t happening the way you feel things should be happening. Don’t be afraid to change, and find better ways to do things.


Also, know that, before certain things can come about the way you would like, some doors are close to you with hidden opportunities. Obviously, you have to prise open those doors and find those opportunities. Some people, and some things will try to hinder you from opening those doors, and some will guide and assist you. Awareness at this juncture is essential for assisting you. This awareness means knowing and understanding yourself, your true potential and that you are capable of achieving your desires and aims, because you are capable of achieving not only your desires and aims, you are also capable of achieving great and wonderful things.

Be aware there is also a universal spiritual force to awaken which will assist in aims and desires, and for overcoming obstacles, problems, trials and difficulties, as well as for opening doors to the path that leads to progress and success.


Become fully awakened and empower yourself. Be ambitious, courageous and adventurous, be consciously aware of whom you are, and your capabilities. Aim high and longer live in doubt and fear about what might happen, make what you want to happen.


Eats well, think positive, be compassionate, charitable and loving.


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Peace, love, and guidance.

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Ideas for successful achievements.

Whether the majority of people realise it or not, we are all seeking something from life. The majority ambitious people are seeking some kind of successful achievements to become better off in life. Some of the other things we all are seeking to have are good health, money, love, peace, and happiness. Fortunately, in many ways we are capable of achieving and fulfilling the majority of our need and desires and some kind of successful achievements.


To achieve any kind of success takes the right choices,  success also takes realistic planning with courageous decisive persistence working daily. Unfortunately, sometimes things won’t, and don't  always work out as expected, but it's no use complaining that things aren’t working out, or that life is hard, or that it is difficult to achieve whatever you want or need. Be aware that sometimes your need are more essential than what you want. Complaining will not help to achieve anything in particular, especially success or money. Constant complaining will only hold desire back from being achieved. The moment you start to complain about life and what you are doing, you are making yourself feel it is difficult to achieve. It is also the moment your mind-set begins to believe in what you are saying to deter you from taking positive action. Instead of complaining, empower yourself with encouragement and admiration.


Achieving any dream is never easy, and it can also seem like a nightmare working to achieve dreams, so prepare yourself for those nightmares. Life has never told you it would make it for you, or that you would achieve everything from it without some difficulties and struggle.


Sometimes it can be hard to keep one’s life and things in proper perspective because of negativity, which keeps bombarding us for us to develop the traits that will block progress. This means you will have to keep holding on to a positive mindset with a positive attitudes that will help to circumvent negativity for taking positive effective action that will bring about successful results. It will also take a healthy, strong physical body, and a positive brain and mind for thinking how to create and build a successful life. Therefore, staying in good health, with a sound mind, strong body is the most essential part of living and doing things. Which is also indispensable for effectively working for all successful achievements.


Only you can know what you need, and it’s only you who can make it easy for yourself. How much you want to achieve and can achieve for living the kind of life you want, it’s only you who can make it possible. For that reason, you should not allow your brain and mind to become idle, inactive and stagnate to live most of your life with nightmares of wants and needs for the simple basic things life has to offer.


Staying on top of things, and keeping your spirit up when things aren’t going to well for you won’t be easy. Nevertheless, no matter how life may appear hard, nightmarish and difficult, you shouldn’t allow how thing appears to deter you from working for whatever you think and feel you can achieve.


Empower your brain and mind to think and plan for having the things you need. Find your hidden assets, which are your talent and creative abilities. Invest in yourself and develop your expertise for achieving your dream and desires.