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You owe yourself to learn about eating healthy meals


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There are so many articles, tips, and advice about food, nutrition, health and super foods, super fruits and super vegetables that can make you become easily confused about what to eat for keeping in the best of health. Some people don’t like a certain food, some won’t eat fruits or vegetables. Some people are allergic to certain fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Like me, who usually enjoy eating many kinds of fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat, poultry and fish, and a lover of the booze, any kind would do. I usually drank different kind of alcohol, until I lose the taste for a certain drink. However, I had never gotten too drunk not knowing what I was doing, or where I was, and with whom I was with. I'm now diabetic and is allergic to many of the food, fruits, vegetables and booze.

Anyone can be allergic to almost anything, the worst thing about being allergic to food it can be an unpleasant feeling, and even cause death. I knew someone who loves tomatoes, however, when she eats tomatoes, her skin stretches, and she turns red like tomatoes. Although that person loves tomatoes, it affects her when she eats it, it's the same with some people eating certain fruits, vegetables and nuts. Beans and peas are supposed to be nutritious and healthy. I had loved eating pea, bean, and cheese, now I'm allergic to those foods, if I eat them, my finger and foot swells, and I'm unable to walk. The same with drinking alcohol, or eating anything acidic or food that's marinated in wine or vinegar. I have to watch other people eat most of the nice food I usually love, I feel I've been punished. This doesn’t mean you should ignore eating fresh, healthy food, because fast junk food is no substitute for fresh food, fruits and vegetables.


I’ll try to keep it simple what you can prepare and eat.
Remember, you eat to stay healthy and to keep in good health, so be aware of the consequences if you eat any kind of food which affects your health in anyway. You should eat what's healthy and what you like, eat what you enjoy eating, and what you feel are good and beneficial to you. Eat food which won't affect your health.


Summer Outdoor Barbecue and Grilling.


Anyone who loves outdoor cooking and barbecue, summer holiday season is here, a time to do barbecue grilling in the backyard. However, take extra care with food at the summer outdoor barbecue. Take care particular with meat, shellfish and frozen food. Thoroughly defrost frozen food for a minimum time of 8 hours in a refrigerator before you prepare it to cook. Once meat is defrosted and thawed, do not refreeze. Barbecue and grilling is a cooking process that gives food a different flavour. Properly cooked food, whether barbecue or grill has major health benefits to overall health. Under-cooked meats can cause illness and even kill. Other benefits of properly cooking food, cooked food kills bacteria and reduce spoilage. Cooking also softens tough food and brings out the nutritional values for us to get more flavour and energy from food. Cooked food makes it easier for us to digest and enjoy the food; it also brings out the aroma and makes food taste delicious.


Basics Barbecue Grilling Tips


  • Always keep the barbecue grill clean to prevent food from sticking to it.
  • Have the right kind of tools and utensils ready for grilling.
  • Keep barbecue grills away from all flammable liquid, fences, and house walls.
  • Pre-prepare, and pre-heat up the barbecue grill  
  • Keep hands, tools, and utensil clean.
  • Preferable use tender and lean meats, and fresh shellfish
  • Trim off excess fat from meat.
  • If meat and vegetables need cutting into pieces for skewers, cut it into suitable chunky pieces that can easily grilled.
  • If warrant, season and marinade meat, and vegetables, then give it enough time for the flavour soaked in before grilling.
  • Marinate seasoning for meat, lime or lemon juice, vinegar, wines, oil; jerk seasoning, ketchup, pimento, herbs, basil, mint, rosemary, thyme, and scallion.
  • After marinade, put meat, veggies, or fruit alternately on the skewers.
  • Prepare vegetarian and vegan vegetables and fruits for barbecue separately from the meat, and grill separately.
  • Brush the food with oil or marinade seasoning, not the grill.
  • Take caution, much heat and too much fat can cause the fire to flare-up. When the oil hits the fire, it will flare-up and cause smoking. To control the flame that's flaring up on a barbecue grill, do not spray with water, preferable, allow the flame to die down slowly on its own.
  • Adding sugary sauces or sugary marinades to meat while grilling can cause it to burn.
  • Always watch what you are grilling, cook the food evenly, keep turning and moving it around to prevent it from burning.
  • Don’t overcook food, or allow the food to burn, finish simmering, by move the food to the parts of the grill that aren’t too hot. When the meat is thoroughly cooked, the juice, which oozes out should be clear. Serve the grill food hot on a clean dish, accompanied with either sauce, or mixed salad and a cold drink.
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You Owe Yourself and Your Family To Eat Healthy Meals


Although sometime is can be difficult to prepare and cook fresh meals every day. You owe it to yourself and your family to eat healthy to live a long vigorous flourishing life. Eating out and having fast food and takeaways is no substitute for home cooking fresh food. However, eating out doesn't mean the food is unhealthy. It means the food you are going to eat out, you have no control over how it is sourced, prepared and cooked. Still, you can check that the food you are going to eat out in restaurants or fast food if it is nutritious and healthy.


Whenever you buy ready made food for you and your family to eat, check that the food haven’t got too much added salt, saturated fat, (oil) and sugar. Added sugars and salt is defined as extra sugars and salt used in processed or prepared foods to sweeten beverages, fruit drinks, dairy products, desserts, candy, ready-to-eat cereals, cakes and breads, not natural sugar found in fruits. Make the effort to cut down on the intake of too much salt, fat and sugar. Radically change what you eat, and think about what you are going to eat. Add more herbs, spices and lemon as a substitute for salt. Use more garlic, chilli, black pepper and thyme in seasoning. Be aware that fresh herbs also add colour and flavour to food.


You don’t have to prepare and cook a balance diet every day, neither does it have to take too long or expensive. If you haven’t got the time to cook every day and are going to cook food from scratch, the trick is to buy enough food, for you to prepare and cook enough to leave for other days. Don’t discard or throw away leftover. Leftover can be used other days to turn into stews, soups and curries.


You can freeze leftover to use sometime later, and at the same time you can save on groceries. You can also prepare quick and easy food such as salads, pasta, steam vegetables, grilled meat and fish.


You might find buying frozen, and tinned prepared food better than cooking from scratch, but try to avoid processed food which is high in salt, sugar and saturated fat. Research shows that is is better for our health to eat the leanest meat, more vegetables, fruits, nuts whole grain. Extra and overripe fruits is also can use for making smoothie.





If You Keep Saying You are Old.


If you keep saying you are old, probably you are thinking you are older than you really are. Get over the fear of being old, enjoy your life, and feel you are young. Surround yourself with young ideas and young people. Keep feeling you young, dress young and keep thinking you are young. Give Thanks For Life


I give thanks to my parents for my life, and for all they have done for me and have taught me. I have taken many journeys down the road of life and went on many adventures. I meet many people, done many things had many experiences. Each person, each thing I've don, each adventure, each success , each failure taught me something new and something different. I give thanks, I'm still learning and journeying through life. KB's

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Anyone who loves cooking and enjoy the pleasure of eating a spicy scrumptious, delicious, healthy and nutritious meals with a nice drink, whether they are from the Caribbean or not, whether they are vegetarian or vegans or not, they will find a recipe they love in KB‘s Jamaican and Caribbean Recipes Volume 1. Which are also economical, cost saving and easy to prepare. Sometimes left over Jamaican and Caribbean meals can taste spicier and more delicious than when freshly cooked because the herbs and spice used are more infused into the food.


Some authentic Jamaican food are curry goat and rice and peas, ackee and salt, jerk and festival, dumplings, callaloo, fish, fried and stewed fish, meat stews, yams, sweet potatoes, cassava and bammy. Most Jamaican and Caribbean meals are spicy, delicious, healthy, nutritious, and fulfilling.


Leaving out meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products, most of KB‘s Jamaican and Caribbean Recipes in this book can prepare as a substitute for vegetarian, vegan and Ital dish for Rasta’s meals.


Cutting out or down on the amount of salt, sugar, fat and some of the high carbohydrate root vegetables, and add more fresh fruits and vegetables some of KB’s Jamaican and Caribbean recipes are suitable for diabetics.


A distinctive part of Jamaican and Caribbean cooking is using many different spices, herbs, and rum for seasoning to enhance taste and flavour to make the meal taste spicy and appetizing.


Rum and a variety of herbs, spices are also used in many Jamaican and Caribbean Recipe for a marinade, tendering, and preserving food. The majority of KB’s Jamaican and Caribbean recipe are traditional and authentic fresh vegetable, salads, soups, fish, chicken, meat, stews, and fresh fruit juice and cakes.


Rasta’s, Rastafarian Culture, and Food


Rasta’s and Rastafarian religion and culture are an integral part of Jamaica. Ital, are specially prepared Rasta’s recipes, which consist of mostly vegetables, fruits, nuts, spices, herbs, and some fish. Some Rasta’s reject eating salt, dairy and egg products, shellfish, and fish without scales. Rasta’s religion and culture also prohibited pork and its by-products from their recipes. KB’s Jamaican and Caribbean Recipes Volume 1 include Ital recipes, as well as recipes for vegan and vegetarians.


Large families with a small budget can often find it difficult and expensive planning, and shopping for healthy meals to cook. Nonetheless, take into account that eating healthy, nutritious meals can be cheaper and more fulfilling. Furthermore, eating a balanced diet of the right kind of fresh meats, fish, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables regularly will help to stimulate and enhance good health, vitalities, heal the body, mind, and spirit; and might even assist in extending one’s life.

Don’t Underestimate YourSelf Your Powers And Abilities.


Saturday, 19 September 2015


You might have developed predetermined negative mind-set about your potential, and have underestimated your bilities. These are characteristic which you will have to adjust, and change. Develop a different kind of positivemindest with new positive beliefs, and then believe in your powers and abilities.


There is power in believing that we can improve on what we are challenged to do. There is also power within us to do anything for progressing, but you will have to find those powers and unleash them from within you. You will have to inspire yourself, motivate, and empower your ability and power yourself towards achieving your objectves. Use your power to the maximum for succeeding in achieving your objectives.


You will also have to be steadfast and use every day well with an intended purpose of achieving objectives and goals. Never plan only for short-term goals, nevertheless, achieving long-term goals involves, and requires brainpower forward thinking, creative inventiveness, perseverance, and consistency.


We make decisions every day some rational and some irrational. Behaviour can affect and prevent you from making the right decision. Sometimes behaviour becomes an obstacle that prevents us from acting in our own best interests. A positive mind-set with positive behaviour has to be developed.


Determination, dedication, passion, and behaviour are intangible principles that will assist in becoming more successful from your efforts. When you find your true purpose, passionately behave in the right way, and dedicate yourself to it, then the possibilities to achieve success becomes limitless.


Formality is a principle that sometimes holds back inventiveness, experimentation, and problem solving abilities. You might have to willingly break away from formality and empower your innovative skills and experiment. Experimentation is a powerful process for achieving results, no matter what turns out from an experiment you will see some results and that is why you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment.


An open-mind backed up with forward thinking and imagining, empowered with human creativity, inventiveness and efficiency inspired by passion, we can create anything we think of creating. With our power and our abilities and the freedom to create, there are no boundaries to what and how much we can create. When we unleash and release our powers, the possibility of create anything is limitless.


  • When trying to create and produce anything in the midst of turmoil and confusion, stay tranquil and at peace with yourself.
  • Strengthen your spiritual resolve and suppress all fears and doubts.
  • When you are discouraged, keep an open mind, work to triumph over all adversity, turn adversity and misfortune into progress.
  • Never allow your faith to falter, trust in you and in divine providence, and believe in what you are trying to achieve. Furthermore, fill your intention with the knowledge that you are capable of successful achievements.
  • Seek understanding in all things, understand the situation you are facing and have to face. Then, face all situations with self-confidence.
  • Love what you are doing, enjoy doing it, and don’t hold yourself back from doing what you love to do.


We Have The Power To Choose, and The Power To Make Transformation and Changes.


Knowledge it is said has power, but the power of knowledge lies in when anyone is able to assimilate, comprehend and understand what they’ve learned and uses it positively and effectively. It is each individual responsibility and right to learn whatever good and useful things that is there to learn. It is our divine right to nurture and develop ourselves, and our skills to be as effective and efficient to benefit ourselves to become affluent. Obviously, the people who find themselves in dire situation should try to become more knowledgeable and enlightened in ways to use their brains for easing their plight. They will have to learn how to improve their lives, and how to fulfil and achieving their dreams to be affluent, if it is their desire to be so, then it becomes their duty.


From a young age, the majority of people have been constantly told to use our brain and mind, and to think and imagine, but many people have never been told how to properly use their brain and mind in the right way to think and imagine more creatively and constructively to become progressive and successful.


Many people aren’t aware of how the brain and mind work with characters, habits, intentions, ambitions and attitudes. Unfortunately, this knowledge has been hidden, and never been given nor clearly explained to a majority of people. For those reasons, many people have never been able to unlock the knowledge of how to use their brain effectively to make their dreams and desires come to fruition. Nevertheless, each individual will have to learn how to empower their brain and mind. When you are able to do that you’ll see things differently. You will know how to take a more positive approach that will inspire and motivate you. You will be able to imagine and discover ideas and opportunities to make a success. You will unlock the knowledge of how to achieve goals for improving your life to live comfortable and happy. Reconnect with yourself, love yourself and your life a bit more, and be passionate about what you are trying to achieve.


People who are poor in financial hardship might feel like  they are trapped in a situation where they have no chance of making enough money to rise out of that situation to break the cycle of living deprived of the simple basic things which they should afford, but can’t. They will have to become more imaginative and think up ideas. They will have to become inventive and creative in creating ways, and making things to become successful to transform their lives.


With the right knowledge, you have the power to choose how to transform and change your life by challenging yourself and by being resilient. Alternatively, you can choose to live in deprivation, fear, worry, and anxiety, or you can choose to battle hard against those odds and overcome them. Insecurities and anxiety can overwhelm and cast a dark shadow over the mind, which can limit beliefs, faith, action and expectations. You can’t expect to reach your goals when you spend time being afraid, and anxiously worrying dwelling on fear and uncertainties. Free yourself from worrying, and from your fears, anxiety and uncertainties. Use action to redress worry, uncertainties, fear, and spend less time worrying.


To achieve objectives and to raise above all anxiety and limitations, keep working and fill every day doing something that is important to you. Something which you enjoy doing, and when you keep working something good will always happen for you. Then you will be on the journey of achieving something worthwhile to be in a comfortable place.

Although it can be hard making it, and some days, and sometimes it can be a hard struggle, nonetheless, some days you will find it easy to accomplish some things. When those easy days arise, do as much as you can, acquire and consolidate a much as you can.


You must have a purpose in life, an idea, or something you love to do. Be passionate about doing that thing, stay focused and steadfast, and drive yourself by doing it. Believe in yourself and have faith, because you are working to make what you are doing into a success, it will be successful.


Accomplishing and achieving certain thing is not always easy, nevertheless, most things are easy and simple when you know. Apparently, we lost sight of simplicity, and often take on complication and hardship, which create all kinds of problems. We often blindly and foolishly go on difficult journeys where the roads lead not to the destination we desire, but to a place where we get lost.  Furthermore, it appears one can never always avoid making mistakes, and making the wrong choice, they will be made. Nevertheless, when you will learn what is right, you will be able to avoid making certain mistakes. Again, the key formulas and the principle is choice. You can choose to either act, or choose not to act, or to venture out on a destination, or not. You can stay where you feeling secure. However, be aware that security is not always long lasting full proof state. Some security needs venturing out into the unknown, therefore you will be have to be adventurous and imaginative to keeping it. Security also needs a lot of work to keep it together and safe.  



Is Soursop and Moringa the New Herbal Wonder Medicine?


While waiting for the cookbook, you are free to try KB’s Jamaican and Caribbean Recipes.


Some of the fruits mention in the Jamaican and Caribbean Cookbook such as Soursop  (Graviola) Moringa is now being turned into herbal medicines. Graviola, known as Soursop in Jamaica, also found some other Caribbean islands, South America, in the Amazon jungle and in Africa.


Graviola leaves have been used traditionally for their various therapeutic properties. However, there is no special scientific evidence to prove that these works as a cure for cancer or whatever they are presumed to do. However, some laboratory studies say that the extracts from Soursop (Graviola) contains many chemicals that may be active against cancer, which might be able to kill some types of liver and breast cancer cells that are resistant particular to chemotherapy drugs. Still, there haven’t been any proven studies to know for sure whether Soursop can work as a cancer treatment or not. Nevertheless, some recent scientific studies suggest that it is packed with a particularly potent antioxidant compound known as Annonaceous Acetogenins an active constituent which can support healthy cell growth. In addition, soursop can be used for its calming effects and as a supplement to help maintain a positive mood. Juice used as a refreshing a drink and for desert.




Moringa has become is one of the most sought after product for curing many ailments. The Moringa plant (also known as the Horseradish tree) contains high levels of a compound called phytonutrients which can help to flush out toxins from the body and purify the liver to leave you feeling better. Moringa extract has been shown to help rejuvenate the body and cell to a higher level. Extracts of Moringa are packed into capsules for detox formula.

Moringa Oleifera has been grown in Jamaica for the oil from the seed which was used as a lubricant for jewellery. As long as I can remember the Indians in Jamaica have been using Moringa in curry and soup. The bark and roots have been used in Jamaica to treat rheumatism, and as an antiseptic. The leaves and roots are also used for strengthening the lungs and to restore sexual function. It is believed that Moringa can also help to relax muscles and calming the nervous system, and prevents insomnia. Moringa is also used today as a Diuretic, a Purgative, an Antiseptic, Antibiotic, Anti-inflammatory medicine.


Moringa leaves have been widely used for many years in many countries to cure different ailments. In India, Egypt, and the Far East, Moringa Oleifera has a long history of medicinal, therapeutic, and cosmetic use. In Jamaica Moringa is used by many people young and old to boost the Immune system and to sustain physical fitness and to rejuvenate energy.


In India juice from the leaves is believed to have a stabilizing effect on blood pressure and it is also used to treat anxiety. In Senegal an infusion of the leaves is believed to control glucose levels in people with Diabetes. In India and Nicaragua the leaves are rubbed into the temples for the relief of headaches. In the Philippines and in India a dressing is made from the leaves and is applied to reduce glandular swelling. It has also been used to treat Ear and Eye infections, Catarrh, Scurvy, Bronchitis, Anaemia and fevers. Learn more about the use of Moringa. Search for Moringa Oleifera on Google or at these websites www.echonet.org www.moringaforlife.com www.LifeOnNet.org or www.jaherbs.com


It’s a Changing Connected World


The world has changed into a connected world, more so now than before. Changes in the world are happening so fast, some good and some horrible. One may be thinking about leaving something to do in the future, which they could have started doing at the present moment. Not realising changes are happening, and the future is here before one realise it, they never did any of what they thought about doing. Today finishes so fast and tomorrow is arriving which is bringing the future into the present, which will also pass very quickly. The future never stands still, neither does it bring a certainty that the world will be as it was yesterday. The future comes with challenges and new innovative possibilities, and when these arrive, anyone can forge something tangible and successful out of those possibilities. Sometimes before the future arrives, and before you can win some battles, you will lose many of life’s possibilities and battles. Therefore, learn how to lose gracefully, and how to successfully win some battles. Be aware that sometimes when one doesn’t win or something doesn’t work out, the cause could be the way one thinks, as well as one’s choice and the decision one makes, attitude and the kind action that has been applied. Winning and losing also depends on all of what one does which must be conducive to winning and not losing.


Develop Positive Creative Imagination and Thinking.


A great deal has been written about positive thinking, and from childhood we’ve been told to use our brain and mind to think and imagine. Which has never been clearly or fully explained to a vast majority of people how to imagine and think in the right way more creative and constructive? Therefore, a majority of people hadn’t been able to use their brain and mind power correctly to unlock the secrets of making their dreams and desires come to fruition, and to become more successful and wealthier. The Book Mind Process and Formulas aims to correct this and liberate the brain and mind for positive and creatively thinking how to improving lives. It offers certain techniques, formulas and guides how to imagine and think up new exciting ideas, and opportunities to become more enlightened for self-empowerment to motivate self-esteem in creating a successful wealthier life.


In times of financial upheaval many people find it hard to get a job to earn a decent living. There are also people doing a job that is not paying enough, and find it hard to motive and push them self to work harder. They may feel there is no reason for them to make extra effort to do things they won’t achieve great financial rewards.  Most people work because of the financial rewards will earn at the end of the week or month. It might be worst in times of financial upheaval and hardship, many more people will be at a disadvantage, and may feel they have no chance of earning money to get whatever they need. There are many people who might feel they are trapped in insurmountable situation. Nevertheless, no matter how things may appear when you learn the proper way how to empower your brain and mind to think correctly, you will discover ideas, opportunities to create a healthy, successful wealthy comfortable happy life. And, to create that successful wealthy comfortable happy life, you will have to empower your brain and mind to inspire and motivate you to improve your life. The Book Mind Process, Techniques and Formulas provides know-how for people to easily understand how to use their brain and minds to work with their habits, attributes and attitudes for fulfilling hopes, ambition, dreams, and desires.


Successes can come after upheaval and failures, after all that knock down failures the essential principles for creating success and earning money, or to become successful with whatever we are trying to achieve, is to keep going with commitment and determination. You might even have to sacrifice something, to achieve what you want. And after you have achieve it, others may look at it as nothing, not knowing the amount of knock downs, sacrifice, time, and determination put into achieving.  We also learn and get experience from those knock downs and failures. 




Action brings unintended consequences far beyond what was intended. Action can create conditions which can, and will produce changes and chaos. Actions can significantly change mind-set, situations, ideas, ideal, behaviour and attitudes for better or worst.

What to do When Gets Hard to Become Motivated.



Ideas from Book Mind Process and Formulas  


Sometimes it is hard to become motivated with the inspiration to create or do things. When this blockage comes on, take a break away from what you are doing. Either listens to some music, take a walk, visit an art gallery, library or sit in a café and watch people go by. If it is a sunny day go to the park, sit and meditate.  


click brainpower@mindprocess.co.uk        


Computer Security


We are now doing almost everything online with computers, and most of the information about our whole life is stored on some computer somewhere. If someone can hack into the NSA and USA Government computer and stole information, then now more than ever today's security failures of software, and computer need to be updated throughout the world with stronger and better security.