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It is easy to develop excesses, which can easily turn into a bad habit. When it comes doing anything too excessively, some degree of balance and moderation is needed. Bad or good always appears nice, and bad or good can be easily picked up and develop without being aware. That is why sometimes you might hear some say to another person do you know that you have a nasty or dirty habit. Some habits are easily adaptable and can be easily disguised as either bad or good for you. Once a habit is developed, even when we realise that habits aren’t any good or beneficial and are detrimental, we delude ourselves, live in denial and keep holding onto them. We easily embrace and held onto the habits we’ve developed over time, then they become a part of our life. The habits we've developed often resist against breaking and change for developing new and better one.

When life seems difficult, it's easy to become disheartened

What you can do


  • When you are faced with adversity, and feeling disheartened and discouraged, keep an open positive mind. Try to comprehend what is really happening.
  • Work to triumph over all adversity and for turning adversity and misfortune into progress.
  • Never allow yourself to falter in faith, trust in you and in divine providence. Strengthen your spiritual resolve, suppress all fears and doubts.
  • Keep faith with happiness to remove discontent.
  • Fill your intention with the knowledge that you are capable of successful achievements, and work for successful achievement.
  • Seek understanding in all things, mostly the situations which you have to face and are facing.
  • Harness your forte, be steadfast and use every day with a well-intended purpose.