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The purpose of these Newsletters is to Inform, Inspire, Enlightened, Empower Give Insight and Make Awareness.


Don’t Underestimate Your Self, Your Powers and Capabilities


You might have developed predetermined negative mindset about your potential, and have underestimated your capabilities. These are characteristic which you will have to adjust, change, and develop. There is power in believing, believe in your abilities, believe you are capable of doing things for achieving success. Believe that when you are challenged it is only for you to find your forte. Believe you can improve yourself, and everything you do. Believe and know that you have the power within you to do anything for progressing However, believe alone isn't enough, you'll have to find your powers and unleash them from within you.


You'll have to be able to inspire yourself, and motivate and empower your ability. Then use your power to the maximum for succeeding and achieving your objectives. Be steadfast and use every day well with an intended purpose of achieving objectives and goals.


Make plans, but never plan only for short-term goals, plan for achieving medium and long-term goals. That involves, and requires brain power forward thinking, creative inventiveness, perseverance, and consistency in planning and doing.

We make decisions every day some rational and some irrational. Behaviour can affect the decision we've made and can also prevent making the right decision. Sometimes behaviour becomes an obstacle that prevents us from acting in our own best interests. A developed positive mindset with a behaviour that is positive can take you a long way for you to make things happen the way you want things to happen.


Determination, dedication, passion, and behaviour are intermingled and intangible principles that will assist in becoming more successful from your efforts. Therefore, whenever you find your true purpose, passionately behave in the right way, and dedicate yourself to it then the possibilities to achieve success becomes limitless.

Experimentation with innovation and inventiveness are powerful principles and process for achieving results, no matter what turns out from an experiment you will see some results and that is why you shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting. However, formality sometimes holds back innovation, inventiveness, experimentation, and problem solving abilities. You might have to willingly break away from formality and empower your innovative skills and experiment.


An open-mind backed up with forward thinking and imagining, empowered with human creativity, inventiveness and efficiency inspired by passion, we can create anything we think of creating. With willpower and our abilities and the freedom to create, there are no boundaries or no limits on how much we can create. When we release our will powers, we also create the possibility to create anything.


Throughout the universe and through you, there are unseen positive and negative forces vibrating. Those forces are at work, and most are working for your best interest. Define your intention and your objective, then get a proper insight of those forces and apply them for achieving your goals and objectives. Your undivided attention, focusing, contemplation, and visualization is required to bring in the mind’s eye pictures of the objective goal, or the situation to foresee the results.  You can then put in an abundance of effort, and expect to achieve successful results. These are some of the techniques, and principles which you should employ to achieve and accomplish desirable results.



There are people who relentlessly keep talking about that they want to make some money, and what they are going to do, and want to do without making the effort to take practical steps and concentrated action to make or do anything. The people who keep talking about what they are going to do to make money must realise that it takes a great deal of endeavours, enthusiasm, effort, determination and relentless action to achieve something worthwhile that will make them some money. Has anyone ever mentioned to you that you talk too much, and that you are thinking too much. Has anyone ever said you should concentrate, and focus on what you are doing? Don't take what they say as an insult, take it in as something someone see you are doing wrong and is trying to show you that you should do something better.


Be aware that it is not how much you talk or think of doing which will make you become a successful money earner, or will enable to make loads of money. It is how you think about what you have to do, and the way you go about doing what you have to do which will make the difference for you or anyone to make a great deal of money. What you talk about and think about should be positive and good, backed up with effective action.


You shouldn’t keep talking about or keep concentrating on what is missing in your life; or what you have lost, and what you should have done, or about what you are going to do. You shouldn’t keep thinking about what if. What if adds nothing to what you want.


Without doing something worthwhile, what if mean nothing it is a complete waste of time to keep on talking, and wondering about what if. What you are going to do and should do that is what matters.


There are people who do and achieve great thing without talking about what they are going to do, and what they have achieved, and at the same time they are going through difficulties and hardship. The majority of people who are doing things and getting things done, don’t spend time talking about what they would like to do or going to do. They have never allowed hardship, failure and what they had lost to deter them from doing and moving forward. They keep on doing and in the end they achieve some success. Some people never allow failure to deter them, some people even make a lot of money out of their failures. They learn how to turn failure to their advantage.

Achieving success doesn’t bode well on the amount of talking one does, nor on the amount of thinking one does, and sometimes not even with the amount of work one do. Think of the many people who work very hard for a long time, and they still haven’t been able to make enough money to live a decent comfortable life. They can’t even afford to stay off work for a while without worrying about how they are going to pay the bills. That's what meant, it is not the amount of long and hard work one does which often enables one to make enough money to live decently and comfortably. Let’s say hard work is not always the best way to make enough money for living financially independently without economical pressure, and not to worry about where the next pay check is coming from. Doing some hard jobs you'll make enough to survive untill the next pay check arrive, and if you aren't careful the process carries on, and it's possible the way things are going with jobs, your salary will either be lower or you get redundant.


Look at Some of What it Will Take to Achieve Financial Independence


Achieving financial independent depends on the right kind of good and feasible ideas, superior thinking, planning and the kind of action that has to be taken at the appropriate time. Making any idea into a financial success also involves the right time, the right place, the right people, opportunities and taking some risks. Those are some major key factors for successful achievements, and for making fortunes. Why the right kind of good and feasible ideas and opportunities are necessary making fortunes. Just imagine you come up with a good idea that is feasible and is needed at that time, at that place, and you have the right people who are willing to work with you to make that idea a success. Then you take some risk with whatever opportunity you get. Think about that and imagine how financially independently you could become.

Wherever anyone is, whoever anyone is, whether they are financially successful independent, or in financial difficulties or in economic hardship, more so in these times than ever, one needs to think how they are going to create new opportunities for earning money to live financially independently and comfortably. Then, when one make that money they will have to think how they are going to keep increasing it so that can keep multiplying it. Why you have to keep increasing the money you are earning, because money is like the wind, it can go faster than you can make it. It can take a lifetime to make a million, and you can lose a million in a second. Money is like a beautiful and attractive woman, which needs respect and must be treated well as she will leave you to find someone who respect her and treats her better than you.


Whatever you start doing to make some money, it can become difficult, time consuming, and expensive all of which you might not have planned for. You might feel like giving up and stop doing what you've started. Sometimes seeing the reality of the amount of things one has to do, and the things which have to get done, and the amount of time it will take, can either strengthen motivation and determination, or deter one from continuing doing what one had started. Once you are being deterred from continuing, you will not reach a successful completion of what you start.


You might have been doing something and have reached a stage where you thought you have done enough and still haven’t made any kind of success from it. You might even feel you haven’t achieved what you thought you should have achieved. When you can’t see any successful result you might feel there is no use continuing. Because you haven’t achieved what you had hoped for, you might feel like giving up. That is the moment you will lose all what you have put into what you have done so far. Before you give up, think about the amount of time, effort and money you already put into doing that thing. Giving up is the wrong course of action to take at such a time, find alternatives. At this stage do some appraisal and uplift your spirit with some form of inducement for encouraging you to persevere and keep working to reach further.


Most times before one can have success, more often there are still further to go and more to do. Sometimes, without some inducement to keep going and keep doing perseverance and determination becomes weak and start to falter, then the feeling and strength to continue for achieving success is lost. The probability is, you will also lose out on what you could have achieved, which could be some form of financial successful results.


  • When you feel things aren’t working out as hoped for, if you believe in what you are doing, you might have to either make some change, tweak plans and ideas, be resilient and continue with determination to complete what you start, so that you can achieve some successful results.
  • Whenever you set out to achieve something, use your efforts and your abilities more effectively and wisely with the intention of a long lasting effect.
  • Keep motivating yourself to do whatever you have to do, and do it well.
  • Whatever you can’t avoid doing, and dislike doing, use enticements to encourage persistence and determination to complete it quickly for you to see some result.
  • When you feel and believe you can achieve any kind of successful goals from what you have started continuously work toward achieving those goals.


The unknown cannot be seen, and often it scares us, nevertheless, within the unknown, there are all kinds of great success which can be achieved. Be aware that you are capable of achieving great feats from great ideas and can accomplish great goals by venturing out into the unknown. Successful innovators, entrepreneurs have proven that there are so many great possibilities in the unknown.  


Many people have started many things and never completed it to see the end result which is left unknown. Achieving success doesn’t always depend so much from where anyone starts from, or how many times one fails to be successful. Achieving success can mean you have done something positive and have completed it to see the end result. You might not make a lot of money from what you have done, but since you have completed it, if you are satisfied, look at it as a success. Furthermore, there is the possibility that one day it might make you some money because imbedded in the completion of things are different successful outcome.


Where success is concerned, there is no easy way, but there are always ideas, ways and opportunities which should enable anyone to make some success from any idea they have. Success formulas and techniques involve choice, determination, persistence with an attitude and the intention to reach a successful conclusion. Successful outcome also involves taking small courageous steps and some risk with determination not to give in, or give up and letting go when success seems unachievable.


Achieving success also involves letting go of past mistakes, and after any kind of failure, one has to pick up one self and keep going. Another integral part in the process for successful outcomes is changing, and transforming attitudes and the development of positive attitude positively thinking successfully for progressing and moving forward.


When you feel discouraged, strengthen your spiritual resolve, suppress all fears and doubts. Keep an open mind, and work to triumph over all discouragement, adversity and misfortune. Never allow your faith to falter, trust in you, and in divine providence.


Seek understanding in all things, understand the situation you are facing and may have to face, then, face all situations without doubt and with self-confidence and work to turn adversity into fortune and prosperity.


In the midst of turmoil and confusion, when trying to produce anything, find tranquillity, and be at peace with yourself. Believe what you are trying to achieve, you'll achieve. Furthermore, fill your intention with the knowledge that you are capable of successful achievements.


Love what you are doing, enjoy doing it and don’t hold yourself back from doing what you love to do, and what you feel and believe is right. KB's©